Friends of the Marschak Colloquium,

We are greatly saddened to announce the death of Michael D. Intriligator who served as the director of the UCLA Jacob Marschak Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Mathematics in the Behavioral Sciences from 1977-2013. View his Los Angeles Times obituary here. We will be honoring Mike's memory with the establishment of the annual Michael D. Intriligator Lecture. Thomas Schelling, winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, has graciously agreed to serve as the inaugural speaker.

Starting this year, the lectures will take place on Thursdays rather than Fridays. We will be meeting every other Thursday 3-4:30 pm in the Charles E. Young Research Library 11360 or Public Affairs 2343.

Faithfully yours,

The Marschak Steering Committee

Susanne Lohmann (Political Science and Public Policy)

Daniel Blumstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Louis Gomez (Education)

Mark Kleiman (Public Policy)