The Marschak Colloquium Steering Committee consists of Susanne Lohmann, Dan Blumstein, Louis Gomez, and Mark Kleiman.

We thank our cosponsors: the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, the Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary and Cross-campus Affairs, and the University Librarian; the Deans of the Divisions of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Life Sciences, the David Geffen School of Medicine, the Anderson School, the School of Public Affairs, and UCLA Law School; the Departments of Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Communication Studies, Economics, Public Policy, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Psychology; the Interdisciplinary Group in Behavioral Decision Making, the Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management Area, and the Center for Global Management in the Anderson School; the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, the International Institute, the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, the Center for Health Policy Research, the Burkle Center, and the Center for American Politics and Public Policy; and Dr. Marvin L. Smotrich.